BitNami Liferay Stack 6.1.1-1 (linux)  v.1.0

Liferay is a leading open source portal, web content management and collaboration software package.

GeoIP Usersmap Liferay Portlet  v.

Liferay portal users are geographically located by their ip's and displayed with Google Maps API, indicating their cities, countries, flags, etc


LifeGen - A code generator for liferay  v.1.0

A eclipse plugin code generator for liferay with spring MVC in web layer and using spring as business layer.

Liferay Toolbar  v.rc

Liferay Toolbar is a java based Rich-Client-GUI (using Java-Swing and the OOoBean to integrate the OpenOffice.

Merlin - Modulo de Seguimiento  v.1.0

Student tracking modules based on Liferay Portal and Pentaho BI tools to get a educational system oriented to do a more useful analysis of student marks than actual student tracking plattforms seems to perform.

Survey Portlet  v.1.2.2

This is a simple generic survey portlet application for Liferay.

XMLPortletFactory  v.2.0

Project aimed to: Easily generate a complete Liferay CRUD portlet from an XML file.

KonaKart  v.

KonaKart is a java-based enterprise eCommerce / shopping cart application that provides everything that retailers need to sell their products over the Internet.

I4X Screencatcher  v.1.0.0

I4X Screencatcher allows you to take screenshots of the active window, your whole screen, an area you select or a selector box for taking a screenshot as big as a MSN Display Image.With I4X Screencatcher you can take screenshots of your whole screen,

JumpBox for OrangeHRM Human Resources Management  v.1.5.0

OrangeHRM helps small and mid-sized organizations simplify Human Resource Management (HRM).

Prisma Workbench (PSW)  v.alpha

Prisma Workbench (PSW) is a framework for software engineering tools integration.

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